Genital Warts

About the Genital Warts. CA website

Parts of the website have been sponsored by Medicis Canada Ltd.

The aim of this website is to cover the basic facts about genital warts.

It will provide background information on the causes as well as the appearance of changes in the skin that alerts the patient to suspect the diagnosis.

It will consider why it is important to treat the problem.

Trying to prevent acquiring them in the first place and reducing the risks of spreading them to others is desirable.

Treating genital warts can be frustrating. The options for self treatment and medically applied therapy will be discussed. The advantages and risks of these treatments will be considered.

This information is primarily aimed at helping the discussion between patients and their doctors.

The authors believe that in the age of the internet, all information should rightly be available to the patient as well as to the doctors.

The website has been published as a part of the Skin Care Guide Network.

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