Genital Warts

Genital Warts Treatment: Overview

Treatment Options and Objectives

Should genital warts be treated? Reducing the burden of warts certainly increases the comfort and feeling of well-being in most patients. A reduction of symptoms is appreciated. Patients are usually very concerned about passing on the warts to partners so appreciate having them destroyed. The process of eliminating the warts probably increases the patients immune responsiveness to the virus and..    read more..

Destruction/Excision Therapies

Liquid Nitrogen, Trichloracetic Acid, Electrosurgery, Ablative Laser Therapy, Excision by Scissor, Scalpel or Curetting..    read more..

Antiproliferative Therapies

Podophyllin resin 10%-25%, Podophylox 0.5% solution or gel..    read more..

Immunomodulatory Therapy

Imiquimod 0.5% cream. It enhances the cell killing immune response, which is usually seen as an inflammatory response. It acts to reduce the viral load, thereby reducing recurrence rates to very low levels..    read more..


A quadrivalent HPV recombinant vaccine is now available in Canada, and is indicated in girls and women aged 9-26 years for the prevention of diseases caused by HPV types ..    read more..

More about HPV Vaccines

Learn more about the benefits as well as the limitations of HPV vaccines ..    read more..

Combination Therapy

Often monotherapy can be inadequate for treating anogenital warts. Combination therapy can provide a better result. An approach of physically or chemically detroying the warts combined with a drug that stimulates the patients immune attach on HPV seems to make sense..    read more..

Treatment Summary and Conclusion

if treatment is required, there are a number of destructive, antiproliferative, immunomodulatory modalities available. Combination therapies have been shown to be advantageous. Cryotherapy combined with imiquimod appears to be very commonly used..   read more..

Genital Warts: Treatment Algorithm

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